Friday, February 3, 2023

🚨New Content:🚨 Fate of the Plates

Look, we get it, teaching plate tectonics is hard. Your students have to mentally visualize a process that occurs below the Earth's surface and we only have indirect evidence to support how it works. You've tried everything...graham crackers and whipped cream, play dough, online videos, and more. We've done all those things too! 

Revolutionize the way you teach plate tectonics with Infiniscope's new digital lesson titled "Fate of the Plates," created for high school and higher ed students.

Fate of the Plates features a simulation that allows students to explore below the crust of Earth, choose from continental or oceanic crust, choose their direction of movement, and observe the features formed resulting in different plate boundaries. Along the way, the students collect cards that show the crustal features created at these boundaries and allows the student to track their progress toward completion of the lesson. This hands-on approach makes learning about plate tectonics more accessible by eliminating the mental model gymnastics and enables direct exploration of the variables involved.

The lesson also features a narrative-driven exploration where students work to help their AI friend, named Orby, answer the question of why the Earth's crust is younger than the crust of other terrestrial planets. Along the way, Orby provides feedback, creating an interactive and personalized experience.

Want to know our absolute favorite part? When we taught this topic in the classroom, it was difficult to find simulations that show more than 2 plates interacting, so, we made a section on 3 plate interactions! It's based on the S. American plate and it's 🔥FIRE🔥 ...errr ...molten? 

Finally, the product is designed to be easy for teachers to use, with full lesson plans and three different classroom delivery models, launch, enroll via LMS, or enroll without an LMS. If you're looking to take your plate tectonics lessons to the next level, this new digital product is an excellent choice. With its engaging narrative, AI friend, simulation, and tracking features, your students will be eager to learn more.


Plate Tectonics not part of your curriculum? No worries! Got testing days coming up in the spring? Spring break? Sub days? These lessons are a great way to provide high quality content without the muss and fuss of a full on lesson plan and still slap (that's what the kids say, right) when you just need to fill time. You can share the lesson with students directly, enroll them in our LMS-lite version, or deploy it via Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle.